Best of KLTF Collection

2019 is here. A fresh year needs fresh fonts. Add some character to your design work with our Best Of KLTF Collection which includes award-winning Litteratra (Regular & Italic), Grotext (UltraLight, Regular, Bold & Italics), and Tiptoe (Bold, Black & Italics).
For a mere $250.
The rustic Litteratra, appropriately classified as a Bastarda by Max Caflisch, stands its ground when accompanying a solid illustration, and speaks for itself without one. Tiptoe, same, as should be evident. Grotext is a more muted voice, UltraLight weight in particular, and happily serves as a humble sidekick that allows an illustration to take the center of the stage, while being quite a character, still, at a second glance. Tip: Use its classically proportioned uppercase letters or small caps to achieve a classy look. Regular and Bold make for a nice book typeface, too.

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