Simple. No-nonsense. Honest. Ein Kerl eben. A good guy. A chap. That’s all there is to say.
Kerl was made for Karl Lagerfeld’s book Chanel’s Russian Connection and subsequently used for covers of books by/on Boris Mikhailov and Alexander Rodchenko. Having rediscovered it more recently, having used it, having realized just how powerful it is as a typographic tool – it transforms words into statements – made me want to include it in the KLTF library so you can enjoy using it, too.
A few alternative letterforms. A nod to an early 20th century design school.


The glyph set found in OTF for print as well as in WOFF and WOFF2 for web:
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Kerl can change its appearance with help of six stylistic set features. Cyrillic alternates. A more spotty K. Plus wider E F H Z, in four steps, which allow spacing out a line – to be used sparingly though.
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And since our Kerl got released in 2019, marking not only Kerl’s 10th birthday but also a short-lived yet much-hyped design school’s 100th birthday, we could not resist celebrating the latter with a handful of additional alternative letterforms:
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That said, not all operating systems and applications support OpenType Layout features and kerning equally well, if at all. Web wise, only more recent browser versions support OpenType Layout features, via CSS font-feature-settings.
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