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Type design notes

Some work and some thoughts on type design, typography, and other issues.

CMON's Arcadia Quest

25 October 2018
Litteratra as title and headline typeface for the board game Arcadia Quest, spotted at the Spiel '18 fair in Essen today. See ...

Gal-Or's Electric Trees

19 October 2017
Grotext on and in Jenny Gal-Or's & Eran Gal-Or's book Electric Trees. See ...

Jumbling up letters for The New School

25 October 2015
Jumbling up different-width variants of letters – constituting the heart of The New School's new identity designed by Paula Scher. See ...

Eggleston's Los Alamos Revisited

11 January 2013
Slipcase cover for William Eggleston's Los Alamos Revisited. See ...

Fraktur letters for The Brill typeface

11 February 2012
Fraktur letters which I designed as additions to The Brill typeface. See ...

Masareel's La Ville and Mon Livre d'heures

20 December 2011
Tiptoe accompanies Frans Masareel's woodcuts in new editions of La Ville and Mon Livre d'heures. See ...

Eggleston's Chromes

11 November 2011
Slipcase cover for William Eggleston's Chromes. See ...

Elegant inconsistencies

25 October 2011
The gilded lettering on the front side of the Opera in Paris features an interesting inconsistency, differently constructed O and Q. See ...

DF Rialto dancing with DT Naskh

6 October 2010
Giovanni de Faccio's and Lui Karner's df Rialto dancing with DecoType's Naskh in Robert Bringhurst's Everywhere Being is Dancing. See ...

ATypI 2010 Dublin

10 September 2010
A little KLTF discount coupon, nicely printed by Letterpress 77, in the ATypI 2010 goodie bag. See ...

Typodarium 2010

12 August 2010
Tiptoe, Litteratra and Grotext in Typodarium 2010. See ...

Robert Crumb in concert

31 October 2008
Not about type design or font production, yet: Continue ...

Thank you Microsoft!

23 July 2007
Not about type design, strictly speaking, but about digital typography: about WPF and 'flow documents'. Continue ...

Kordon's Der erste Frühling

3 May 2007
An early version of Grotext on and in Christoph Heuer's comic adaptation of Klaus Kordon's Der erste Frühling. See ...

ATypI 2006 Lisbon

11 October 2006
Litteratra on the impressive banner for ATypI 2006 Lisbon at the Faculdade de Belas Artes. See ...

Spacing issues

7 September 2005
Spacing Issues is s text on fine typographic spacing and the merits of spacing punctuation marks generously. Since English speaking typographers claim that this may be ok for European but definitely not British or American typography, I try to show that until just a few decades ago, punctuation marks indeed were spaced in both British and American books. Download ...

Issues in the creation of a flexible document format

Customized digital books on demand · Issues in the creation of a flexible document format suggests a document format which combines the typographic finesse of PDF and the flexibility of HTML/CSS. (Some ten years later, Microsoft's WPF appeared to be my dream come true, if only for a while, followed by HTML5/CSS3.)
The article can be found in Visible Language, 32.2, Rhode Island, 1998, pp 128–149.

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