Good typography

Grotext™, Litteratra®, Tiptoe™ constitute our first trilogy of typefaces, embodying our theory of good typography and (inevitably) type, some aspects of which we covered in a series of notes. Italics included explains why Litteratra combines italic lowercase with upright uppercase. Automatic all caps spacing points out that Grotext and Litteratra care for proper spacing of all caps words automatically. Punctuation spacing highlights the fact that Gotext, Litteratra, Tiptoe can offset punctuation marks automatically (optionally). We hope that, as our fonts take care of these aspects of good typography, designing with type will be more effortless – and more fun.
(Kerl™, in turn, may be considered the number one of our second trilogy of typefaces which focuses on more ephemeral aspects of typography and type.)

15 January 2021

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