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 Font Naming
About naming font families. Presents two common naming schemes, other schemes can be regarded as variations.
v1.02 [beta] / 140KB
 Font Metrics
About assigning vertical font metrics. How to avoid clipping or squashing of large glyphs.
v1.07 [beta] / 88KB
There is no warranty that information and suggestions provided in these papers are correct. These papers are over ten years old now and may be outdated. You use them at your own risk. Feel encouraged to make a lot of tests yourself.
(Screenshots show FontLab Studio 5's Font Info dialog.)
To my delight, both papers are virtually obsolete as Fontographer 5 and FontLab VI have automatisms for font naming and for calculating vertical metrics:
 Font Naming Interface
v1.01 (v1.0: 13 Nov 2005) / 188KB
Another suggestion, originally conceived with Studio 5 in mind and posted among the notes, got implemented in Glyphs almost immediately, was offered as a RoboFont extension in 2014, and finally got implemented in FontLab VI too. The idea is that attachment points are represented not by mere dots but by (one or more) attached glyphs right away, for a better visual feedback:
 FLS Anchor Feature Request
v0.5 (v0.1: 14 Jul 2008) / 444KB

FontLab Studio 5 scripts

KLTF Make Kern Feature for FLS5 now has a page of its own. But note! This script is obsolete now. FontLab VI has this script's functionality built in. And if your workflow happens to be UFO based, then you may consider generating your fonts entirely outside of your favorite font editor, using Google's fontmake instead. In this case, your UFO merely needs kerning and groups, no kern feature, as fontmake will add a kern feature when generating OTF or TTF.

RoboFont 1 & 3 extensions

KLTF GlyphTweaker and KLTF Transformer have a page of their own.
No RoboFont yet? UFO is the de-facto exchange format and is imported/exported by virtually every font editor. This makes RoboFont the go-to tool for inspecting and editing UFO files. Irrespective of which font editor is your favorite drawing tool.

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