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Fraktur letters for The Brill typeface

11 February 2012

Design of Fraktur letters, for inclusion in The Brill typeface:

These letters are symbols, actually, as indicated by their Unicode codepoints, and they are spaced accordingly: as stand-alone symbols.[1]
Published in January 2012 by Brill. The Brill typeface – indicated above in the first & the last line – was designed by John Hudson of Tiro Typeworks. It covers the entire Latin script, Greek and Cyrillic, and a variety of symbols, as illustrated in the Typo Berlin 2014 presentation. Scholars may download the typeface for free for non-commercial use. Update: Since November 2012 the family includes Bold and Bold Italic styles too.

[1] To make sure that words typeset in these letters still looks fine, all-Fraktur context will automatically activate alternative spacing. This has been created with help of Igino Marini and iKern. The implementation of this alternative spacing is similar to the one that drives automatic all caps spacing in Grotext and Litteratra.

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