ABCs for Chanel

Refined the Chanel and CC logos as well as the mode house’s iconic caps-only display typeface. Designed a new text typeface whose italic style almost got rejected because its characteristic lowercase letters would make words look like logos. The italic style persisted and now, almost fifteen years later, got featured prominently – albeit sans its dangerous lowercase letters.

The best part, though, is the name that Karl Lagerfeld had come up with.

The name is ABChanel.
(ABChanel Couture is the refined caps-only display typeface. ABChanel is the newly designed text typeface.)
My favorite use of ABChanel, the text typeface, is not in printed matter by Chanel but in a book published and printed by Steidl in 2009 – in Douglas Kirkland’s & Karl Lagerfeld’s Mademoiselle · Coco Chanel · Summer 62.

7 June 2019

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