DF Rialto dancing with DT Naskh

DF Rialto in Robert Bringhurst’s book Everywhere Being is Dancing, accompanied by DecoType’s Naskh and others:

Turning Giovanni de Faccio’s & Lui Karner’s DF Rialto into a full-featured OpenType font took a couple of years – from 2004 to 2009. The tiny glyph set of the original PostScript fonts got expanded considerably to up to 1164 glyphs in the OpenType fonts. (Given that both Rialto and Litteratra® are similar structurally, the latter served as a model in terms of both glyph set and OpenType features: Roman and italic lowercase letters share the same set of caps and small caps, so it made sense to combine both roman and italic lowercase letters in the same font.[1] Eventually I made an addition to my font generator so it would export separate italic fonts too.) In the course of this, Giovanni added a number of symbols, including zodiac signs, and redrew the Bold completely.
License DF Rialto from CAST.

6 October 2010

[1] See this more recent note for details.

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