KLTF Tiptoe

Bored by typefaces so skinny that you don't dare touch them in fear you might break their curves? Tiptoe is different. Tiptoe doesn't care. It is Bold. ExtraBold. Black. UltraBlack. And curves are broken already. No need to worry. The best part: Tiptoe's got feet. Ideal for greeting cards, certificates, headlines and titles.
Tiptoe is one of Typographica's Favorite Typefaces of 2006.
My favorite use of it? In two Frans Masareel books designed by Philippe Millot.
Caps are all you need? Do not miss Tiptoe Toy. It does funny tricks with its four weights' caps!

Weights & styles

The four weights, each with an italic, of Tiptoe.
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In OpenType-savvy applications, styles will be grouped by family.
In non-OpenType-savvy applications, there is no Bold style-linking. This does not make sense if a family has more weights than Regular and Bold. Hence a rule when using KLTF OpenType fonts in such applications: Do not use the 'Bold' button.


Tiptoe is designed to just work. It has alternate J and Q without ascenders to work better in all-caps setting and an uncial E.
Like all fonts from KLTF, Tiptoe offers wider spacing of punctuation marks via the 'Stylistic Set 20' feature.
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Please note that not all operating systems and applications support OpenType features and kerning equally well, may support only some, or may support none at all.

Glyph set

Includes small caps, standard and ligatures, contextual alternate letterforms, oldstyle and lining numerals, both proportional and tabular, with superiors, inferiors, arbitrary fractions (a set for oldstyle and lining numerals each), paragraph numerals, arrows and – of course – feet.
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This glyph set overview reflects the fonts' actual glyph order as shown in applications' glyph palette. (In InDesign CS3 and later, please open the glyph palette's options menu by clicking the little list symbol, choose 'Sort glyphs' from the bottom of this menu and select 'By CID/GID'.)

Order KLTF Tiptoe

PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf) for print. Minimum system requirement is Mac OSX or Windows XP.
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For uses other than (yet including) print, consider licensing Tiptoe from FontSpring.

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