KLTF Tiptoe™ Try Out version

Limitations of the Try Out version:
Limitation of usage rights. The Try Out version may be used only for testing our fonts and for presenting mockups to clients. You must license the regular version as soon as you do actual design work, regardless if commercial or non-commercial.
You may use the Try Out version for pieces you design for design school courses. Keep fonts on your own computer and do not install them on the design school's computers. Design schools must license the regular version.
You may use the Try Out version for purely private purposes – poem for mom, gift certificate for grandpa, cards for your favorite adventure board game. Do not share fonts. The fee is so low that your friends can afford their own license.
Limitation of support. There is no support. Please mind that the license fee is a mere 'schutzgebühr'.
Limitation of character set and OpenType features. Since the Try Out version is meant for testing, it has a minimal character set, and has no OpenType features. Expect to see a lot of blank spaces when setting arbitrary texts! So review the character set, below, before you place your order.
In your application's font menu, scroll down to 'Try Tiptoe KLTF'.

Order the Try Out version

PostScript-flavored OpenType fonts (.otf) for print. Minimum system requirement is Mac OSX or Windows XP.
Try Out fonts are meant for testing only and are severely limited in various respects as outlined on this page and which you acknowledge by placing your order.
License fee below is for 1 user in your organization (equals 1 license).
 FAMILY  $25.00*
 Bold, ExtraBold, Black, UltraBlack & Italics
 KLTF Try Out Info & EULA Addendum
 KLTF End User License Agreement

Order the regular version

Get the regular version of Tiptoe!

* License fee is exclusive of VAT. VAT will be added, if applies.
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